December 8, 2023

Sapphire engagement rings have long been one of the top choices for couples seeking engagement rings, as their rich blue hue symbolizes love, fidelity and commitment.

Sapphires are rugged and durable gemstones or original neelam stone with a rating of 9 on Mohs’ scale of hardness, making them suitable for daily wear. When free from color zoning and with good transparency (no visible “windowing”) their value increases significantly. Furthermore, this stone has astrological advantages as well, such as protection from an evil eye, voodoo jealousy etc.


1. Match it with black


Sapphires are best known for their deep, rich hue which comforts and inspires. But did you know they come in other shades, known as fancy sapphires, such as violet, yellow, pink or orange hues?

Fancy sapphires are often cut in oval, cushion, or pear shapes to maximize their beauty. Heat treatment can help improve their clarity by releasing trapped gasses and decreasing dark inclusions.

Black sapphires offer another stunning dark accent gemstone option for those seeking dramatic dark touches in their accessories. Similar to onyx but more durable and with higher saturation levels than its counterpart, these stones create a sophisticated yet elegant look when worn alongside white clothes, perfect for an evening out on the town.


2. Match it with grey


Original neelam stone don’t just shine on their own; they make stunning statements when combined with other colors. To maximize the effect, make sure your colors fall into analogous color groups; for instance, blue sapphires (also known as Neelam stone) work best when worn alongside hues ranging from blues to greens and yellows.

Peacock-blue neelam stones pair beautifully with purples and pinks of their family of colors. In contrast, light blue sapphires with violet undertones complement autumnal outfits that feature yellow-green hues.

Add dimension and make a statement with blue sapphires by pairing them with other gems that contain their complementary color groups, like matching blue sapphire earrings with tanzanite rings for example. Doing this creates an eye-catching combination, perfect for bold statement pieces.


3. Match it with violet



If purple sapphire is calling to you, it may surprise you to know it has many properties that make it unique. One such property is its ability to help those wearing it overcome insecurities by emphasizing their strengths instead. Another significant distinction from amethysts is that purple sapphires rank higher on Mohs scale of hardness and are thus less vulnerable to scratches.

Another factor to consider in selecting a sapphire is saturation, or how deep and pure its color is. Sapphires with lower saturation may resemble cornflower blue while those with higher saturation have vibrant violet hues. Many sapphires exhibit pleochroism when viewed from different angles. Therefore, selecting a jeweler who understands how best to orient these stones for maximum effect is paramount for successful outcomes.


4. Match it with yellow


Sapphires may be associated with a deep blue color palette, but there are other shades and hues. Fancy sapphires come in vivid hues like violet, pink and orange. In contrast, others possess shades similar to those found in fine sapphires.

One way to enhance these striking gemstones is to pair them with yellow, orange or red clothes; this will highlight their brilliance even further and look even more breathtaking.

An elegant business suit will pair beautifully with a blue sapphire necklace pendant accented with diamonds. The combination will allow its beauty to stand out even more!

Sapphires pair beautifully with other blue-toned jewelry pieces. A monochromatic look works if you select the appropriate shades; blue sapphires with uniform, rich coloring may work particularly well when combined with aquamarine, tanzanite or turquoise stones to showcase all their depth. This creative pairing shows us the depths of blue that so enthralls us!

Original neelam stone in jewelry holds appeal due to both their classic elegance and their versatility, providing opportunities for creative expression. From classic designs to more innovative and contemporary styles, gemstones offer endless possibilities for artisans and jewelry enthusiasts alike to craft pieces explicitly tailored to individual preferences and tastes.


Neelam stone adds unrivaled sophistication and charm to jewelry pieces, captivating wearers and admirers with their lasting beauty and symbolism. Artisans continue to develop design techniques; blue sapphires remain timeless choices that ensure aesthetic pleasure as well as an added class for generations to come.